FOSS and cross-platform real-time strategy video game
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RTS (working title)


RTS is a cross-platform, sprite-based real-time strategy video game in the likes of several other entries from the mid 90's.

The game is under heavy development, and very far from being playable.

Screencast of in-game footage


The following platforms are either supported or support is expected in the future:

  • Sony® PlayStation® 1, using a forked version of PSXSDK.
  • Microsoft® Win9x, using a i386-mingw32 cross-toolchain and SDL-1.2. A i386-mingw32 cross-toolchain must be already available on the system.
  • POSIX-compliant operating systems such as GNU/Linux® or *BSD, using SDL-1.2 (if available).
  • Possibly, modern Microsoft® Windows® versions, too (currently untested).

Design goals

  • Keep source code as simple and clean as possible.
  • Keep platform-specific code separated so common code can be shared between platforms without modifications.
  • Use C99 features for better portability.
  • Use modern CMake features for a simplified build process and availability of the compile_commands.json database.
  • Implement any multiplayer capabilities provided by the platform.
  • Support a wide range of screen resolutions, even portrait resolutions typically used by mobile platforms.
  • And, above all, provide a fun game that can run even on low-end hardware.

Building from source

Native build

A native version of RTS can be built using the typical CMake build process:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make -j$(nproc --all)


apt install libsdl-gfx1.2-dev libsdl-mixer1.2-dev libsdl1.2-dev


CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE can be used to set up the cross-toolchain. Files labeled as cmake/*-toolchain.cmake can be used as values.

Sony® PlayStation® 1

For example, the Sony® PlayStation® 1 version can be built using:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. \
    -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=../cmake/ps1-toolchain.cmake \
    -DVIDEO_MODE=VMODE_PAL # VMODE_NTSC can be otherwise used
make -j$(nproc --all)

This will generate a .bin/.cue file pair in build that can be played on an emulator or burnt into a CD-r in order to play the game on real hardware.

Microsoft® Win9x

mkdir build
cd build
SDLDIR=<sdl-prefix> \
    SDLMIXERDIR=<sdl_mixer-prefix> \
    SDLGFXDIR=<sdl_gfx-prefix> \
    ENETDIR=<enet-prefix> \
    cmake .. -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=../cmake/win9x-toolchain.cmake
make -j$(nproc --all)


  • SDLDIR is the path to the cross-compiled version for SDL-1.2, which would correspond to ./configure --prefix=$SDLDIR used when building SDL-1.2.
  • SDLMIXERDIR is the path to the cross-compiled version for SDL_mixer, which would correspond to ./configure --prefix=$SDLMIXERDIR used in building SDL_mixer.
  • SDLGFXDIR is the path to the cross-compiled version for SDL_gfx, which would correspond to ./configure --prefix=$SDLGFXDIR used in building SDL_gfx.
  • ENETDIR is the path to the cross-compiled version for enet, which would correspond to ./configure --prefix=$ENETDIR used in building enet.

A stripped version of the executable, as well as game assets, will be located in build/cdimg.


A cross-compiled i386-mingw32 version of all required dependencies is needed before building rts.

Note upstream CMake does not provide FindSDL_gfx.cmake as of the time of this writing, so it is provisionally provided on this repository.

Ongoing upstream PR

Read the documentation for further reference on how to build the dependencies from source.


Unless stated otherwise, RTS follows the license described by the LICENSE file, which currently is the GNU General Public License v3 or later. Original versions of other works under various licenses are also distributed in this project, that are located inside the res/orig directory. This directory also contains a LICENSE describing the source and license of each individual file.

Derivative works have been also created from these files for this project, that are located inside the res directory. A LICENSE file is also provided to describe the relationship between the original and derived works.

Microsoft®, Linux®, Sony® and PlayStation® are registered trademarks of their respective owners.