STM8 support for GNU binutils.
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This repository implements, via some patches, STM8 support for the GNU binutils package. It has been forked from in order to add support for unused code elimination at link-time via --gc-sections. On the other hand, new relocation opcodes hi8(), lo8() and hh8() have been implemented for the STM8 port of GNU as.

This is meant to be used with a fork of SDCC I created which generates GNU as-compatible assembly files via the new --gas, --function-sections and --data-sections switches. These changes have not been integrated into SDCC's main branch, so you can find them at .


cd binutils-2.30/
sudo make install


You can find a small working code example of the new capabilities provided by this fork at .


Thanks to arehnman, who created the original package and helped me out a lot to get this working. Also, thanks to the SDCC developers to their hard work in providing an interesting alternative to existing STM8 propietary compilers.