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# RTS (working title)
## Overview
**RTS** is a cross-platform, sprite-based real-time strategy video game
in the likes of several other entries from the mid 90's.
**The game is under heavy development, and very far from being playable.**
![Screencast of in-game footage](demo.mp4)
## Platforms
The following platforms are either supported or support is expected in
the future:
- **(supported)** Sony PlayStation 1, using a forked version of
- *(not supported yet)* Microsoft Win9x, using a `i386-mingw32`
cross-toolchain and SDL-1.2.
- *(not supported yet)* Modern Unix-like operating systems such as
GNU/Linux or *BSD, using SDL-1.2 (if available). Possibly modern
Microsoft Windows versions, too.
## Design goals
- Keep source code as simple and clean as possible.
- Keep platform-specific code separated so common code can be shared
between platforms without modifications.
- Use C99 features for better portability.
- Use modern CMake features for a simplified build process and
availability of the `compile_commands.json` database.
- Implement any multiplayer capabilities provided by the platform.
- And, above all, provide a fun game that can run even on low-end
## Building from source
**RTS** can be built using the typical CMake build process. The
following options can be defined:
- `PS1_BUILD`: builds for Sony Playstation 1
- `HOST_BUILD`: builds for the host operating system using SDL-1.2
- `WIN9X_BUILD`: builds for Microsoft Win9x operating systems using
SDL-1.2. A `i386-mingw32` cross-toolchain must be available.
For example, the Sony PlayStation 1 version can be built using:
mkdir build && cd $_
make -j$(nproc --all)
This will generate a `.bin`/`.cue` file pair in `build` that can be
played on an emulator or burnt into a CD-r in order to play the game
on real hardware.
## License
Unless stated otherwise, **RTS** follows the license described by the
`LICENSE` file, which currently is the GNU General Public License v3
or later. Original versions of other works under various licenses are
also distributed in this project, that are located inside the
`res/orig` directory. This directory also contains a `LICENSE`
describing the source and license of each individual file.
Derivative works have been also created from these files for this
project, that are located inside the `res` directory. A `LICENSE`
file is also provided to describe the relationship between the
original and derived works.

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