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🔨 bsys5

This repo contains scripts and assets to build the LibreWolf source tarball for various platforms with docker, as well as binary releases produced by those scripts.

Supported Targets

Platform x86_64 aarch64
└─ Debian (deb) (debian11) -
└─ Ubuntu (deb) (ubuntu20, ubuntu22) -
└─ Mint (deb) (mint20, mint21) -
└─ Fedora (rpm) (fedora35, fedora36) -
└─ openSUSE (rpm) (tumbleweed) -
MacOS (dmg) (macos-x64_64) (macos-aarch64)
Windows WIP -

Running bsys5 Locally

Note: Bsys5 only works on Linux. Other platforms are cross-compiled from Linux.

To build LibreWolf with bsys5 locally, just install Docker and then clone this repository. Then you can just build the target you want with:

make <TARGET>, for example make ubuntu22
(See the above table or make help for a list of supported targets.)

This will pull a prebuilt build environment from this repository. If you also want to build that yourself, run make docker-<TARGET> first.