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By default, the script will make the phone sleep within 60 seconds, when the screen is turned off (sleep mode will not apply while the screen is on) and will make the phone sleep for 10 minutes (if not interrrupted by pressing the power button to wake the phone). It will then keep the phone awake for 30 seconds and put the phone immediately back to sleep mode for another 10 minutes and so on. You can change the durations directly at the top of the script. While the phone is sleeping, the RGB LED will light up constantly green and when it is awake for the short period of time, it will be a blinking red. The LED will be turned off, when the phone screen is enabled (for example by pressing the power button).
Any active suspend inhibitors (e.g.: some music players) will keep the phone awake until the inhibitor is deactivated.
Howto install and use:
- Save the 'sleepwalk' script to /usr/local/bin and the systemd service file 'sleepwalk.service' to '/etc/systemd/system/'
- Disable deep sleep in your desktop managers settings such as phosh
- Execute 'systemctl enable sleepwalk.service' and 'systemcl start sleepwalk.service' to enable and start the service
Known issues:
- Phone will go to sleep even if apps like for example a music player is playing in the background while the screen is turned off. It will however not sleep, if you are making a call.
- rtcwake
- systemd