Open source motorsim
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This is an all in one package of Speed Dreams. Be aware that some included
artwork has non free (in the GPL sense) licenses, you will find a "readme.txt"
in those directories.
The rest is either licensed under the GPL V2 (see COPYING.txt) or the Free Art License.

Non-Free content (in GPL sense)
Here the list with the directories containing non free content, look at the
readme.txt for details:
- <empty list>

Changes since last release

Things that are still to be done, ideas to be ...
See TODO.txt

Installation instructions

If you find problems which should be already fixed or new ones
please report them to the speed-dreams-users mailing list.

Getting Help
During the game press F1
(do it as well during the ride to learn about the options).

For more in depth information visit,
you'll hopefully find there some information (documentation, HOWTO, FAQ ... work-in-progress).

If you are stuck please report problems through speed-dreams-users mailing list
or our Tracker (visit and login to for that).

Car Setups
You can have you own version on the car setups for the human driver
- Linux : ~/.speed-dreams-2/drivers/human/...
- Windows : <My documents>\speed-dreams-2.settings\human\...
depending on the car used. You can change them with a text editor,
for more information look into the robot tutorial chapter 5

Creating Tracks
There is a track editor in development, have a look at

Robot programming
You find a robot programming tutorial on in the TORCS section.

Robot racing
Visit for more information.